The HYDRIP® Principle

Consultancy is our first step towards sustainable solutions for soil and irrigation. In a second step, we offer our patented environmentally sound irrigation system HYDRIP®, which provides radical water savings while at the same time improving the soil. In combining highly efficient sub-surface drip irrigation with ecological and water storing soil conditioners we can offer water savings of more than 50% and significant savings in operating costs. 



The HYDRIP® Subsurface Drip Irrigation

The HYDRIP® SDI irrigation system  works with Subsurface Drip Tubes that supply the water directly to the root zone. The drip tubes are highly sophisticated and allow for needs based, environmentally sound and comfortable irrigation management. 

The HYDRIP® Soil Conditioners


HYDRIP® soil conditioners are positioned around the dripper line where they foster healthy plant growth by optimizing the water:air balance in the soil. The HYDRIP® soil conditioners greatly increase the water storage capacity in the root zone while generally improving soil quality. The soil conditioners are natural products made of specially treated minerals which have a long term effect by building up clay humic compounds that sustainably improve soil functions and fertility. The results are more vital and stress resistant plants, increased yields and a reduced irrigation and fertilization demand.